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With the increasing trend of the scrap generation procedure, it has become a necessity to implement a refined technology to perform the entire method efficiently. Understanding the utility of the scrap manufactures that affords a huge volume of resources to the industry. Understanding the fact, it design the amazing Scrap Baler machine that enables the industries to obtain the scrap resources. All sorts of junk, be it plastic, metal, paper etc can be suitable performed with the machine gaining an output of minimum sized bundles.

This baling machine is versatile product for scrap business owner,as this machine is advanced with hydraulic baling press machine system,less time easy work with minimum labour,as hydraulic press machine(pressing machine)compacting paper.


  • High low circuit to save the power consumption
  • Available in both electrical and manual operated
  • Three type of compression are available
  • Trouble free performance
  • Specifications:

  • Replaceable wear-resistance plates
  • Top Lid to shear the excess
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Shearing blades on the Edges of the Chamber

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